Tools and Inertia

Every so often, especially on occasions such as the start of a new year, I take a moment and reflect on my current toolchain.

Well, not so much "reflect", more like "I want to throw it all away and start over new, maybe this time will be better". 1

A sample of what's currently floating around in my brain:

Which sounds like a great idea in theory, but when I sit down to actually do it, fear and inertia sets in:

"This could totally screw up my productivity, I won't get anything done anymore"

And so in the end, nothing gets done.

Which is why New Laptop Day is always such a joyous occasion. That feeling of almost limitless possibilities!

And then, after about a year, the cycle continues.

  1. Spoiler: It won't

  2. Mostly because the way homebrew does stuff only works with a single user. And their stance on sudo is just weird to me.